The un-written labor laws


Routine protocols in hospitals, determine important labor and birth “laws” for women giving birth.At Doulas of Baltimore, our doulas have been certified by an organization that demands that they learn these protocols, in order to earn their doula certification.

ProDoula, a certification organization for the modern doula, insists that the doulas they grant certification to, have the most accurate and up to date information on all things pregnancy, birth and newborn related. One of the strict requirements is that they become familiar with routine protocols in the birth facilities that they intend to practice in.
When a woman hires a doula, she expects guidance and a level of expertise. She wants resources and difficult to find information and expects her doula to be prepared to offer it. 
A representative of ProDoula offered this statement, “The ProDoula philosophy of accountability and professionalism is intended to put new and expectant parents at ease. Your Doula’s role is to meet your needs, support your decisions and care for your family.”

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