Why an Agency?

As an independent doula, Emily Pelton’s passion and expertise was in preparing and supporting families as they grow. In 2014, she put that enthusiasm and knowledge to work as the owner and director of Doulas of Baltimore. She utilizes many of the same skills to support and encourage the doulas on her team. As she has evolved as an agency owner, she has been thrilled to watch the growth and development of DOB’s clients and doulas alike.

Many doulas enjoy the hands-on flexible nature of the work and would often rather be connecting directly with clients than handling the accounting and administrative tasks involved in small business life. Working for an agency makes this wish a reality for DOB’s doulas. Then agency takes care of the business side of things so the doulas can be out doing what they love – supporting new and expecting families!

Emily has worked with over a thousand Baltimore families in her 15 years as a perinatal profession. She leads this group of dynamic and talented doulas (with several decades of combined experience themselves!) and matches them with Doulas of Baltimore‚Äôs clients to support them during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences. All of DOB’s doulas are trained, CPR-certified, and insured.

Join the Team

Doulas of Baltimore is often seeking new team members. If you would be interested in joining the team or learning more, contact DOB today!

Thinking about Being a Doula?

Have you ever thought about becoming a doula? Or would just like to hear about how it all works? Or maybe you have taken a training or a few clients but aren’t sure where to go from here. Emily has created a workshop just for you!

Become a Doula 101 allows you to spend a couple hours learning about options for training, working independently or for an agency, the realities of doula life, and more. The first workshop will be in November. Be sure to reach out to be put on the save-the-date list!

Doula News

Regardless of the hour, when Emily Pelton, owner of Doulas of Baltimore, was called to a mom in labor, she was whisked away from her family to help. She now heads a team of doulas

On any given day, of any given year, in Baltimore Maryland a 7 pound baby can bring the most educated, successful adults to their knees.

Modern couples are looking to expand their repertoire of comfort measures and coping techniques to meet the trials of labor.