Doulas of Baltimore

Our team of doulas

Owners of Doulas of Baltimore, Randy Patterson, Debbie Aglietti and Emily Pelton specialize in inspiring women. As doulas, their focus is on pregnant and newly postpartum women and at the core of who they are, they all want the same thing; for women to find their inner strength and realize how amazing they are.
According to Aglietti, “when a woman has the support of someone who truly understands what she is experiencing, her confidence grows and she digs deeper”. Pelton adds, “Knowledge also equates to power. Having a professional doula attend your birth is like having a childbirth educator by your side through the whole process”. In the case of Emily Pelton, that is 100% accurate. When she is not at a birth or working prenatally with a client, you can find Emily at her desk preparing for the evenings childbirth education class she teaches.
Birthing women have needs beyond medical safety and necessary interventions. Patterson says, “Doctors and midwives are responsible for healthy babies and healthy moms, doulas are responsible for healthy minds and healthy bonds”. Sounds like a birth “dream team” to me.
Their 40 years of combined experience has allowed these three dynamic women to cultivate a talented group of professional doulas who are matched with Doulas of Baltimore’s clients and support them during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences. All of DOB’s doulas are trained, CPR-certified, and insured.

Doula News


Regardless of the hour, when Emily Pelton, co-owner of Doulas of Baltimore is called to a mom in labor, she whisks away from her family to help.


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