Bippiddi-Bobbiddi-Boo, postpartum doula or fairy godmother?

Fairy godmothers have special magic powers and are known to act as a mentor or parent. Doulas of Baltimore offers postpartum doula services that are known to leave clients feeling like they’ve been visited by a fairy godmother.

According to former client, Suzanne Connors, “the postpartum doulas from Doulas of Baltimore filled in the gaps around our household. They were able to sense where we needed them most.”

Postpartum doulas are trained to support the family as the mother recovers from pregnancy and birth and the baby adjusts to life on the outside. When new parents are getting the opinions of all those around them, a professional doula offers information and most importantly unconditional support.

One day she may care for the baby while the mother rests, tidy the home, and prepare dinner. Another day she may offer parents instructions on newborn care and be sure that the laundry is all caught up on. Other times she may simply offer the companionship valued by the new mother.

A current client offered, “Each day I can give her a list of things that need to get done that day. She is professional and on task. And most importantly I never feel like she thinks I should do things a certain way. I really appreciate that.”

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On any given day, of any given year, in Baltimore Maryland a 7 pound baby can bring the most educated, successful adults to their knees.

When a baby is born, so is a placenta and local moms are engaging the services of a “Placenta Chef” to come to their homes to prepare the placenta for consumption.

When thinking of newborn babies, peace and tranquility are not usually words that come to mind.