Postpartum doula brings peace and tranquility to newborns

When thinking of newborn babies, peace and tranquility are not usually words that come to mind.

When Carrie and Steve Beach had their second baby they employed the services of a postpartum doula from Doulas of Baltimore.

Carrie shared that “As a growing family, we felt it would be helpful to have an extra set of hands around. After working with our doula and realizing how helpful she was at keeping our baby – and our house – calm… we wish we had one the first time around!”

Newborn babies routinely experience fussy times of day, often referred to as the “witching hour”. Many parents feel frazzled when they’ve run through the usual culprits of fussy babies (hungry, tired, wet diaper, etc.) and they are unable to calm their baby.

Postpartum doulas from Doulas of Baltimore come equipped with many comforting tips and techniques.

The doulas arrive at each client’s home ready to teach these techniques to new parents and support the family as each baby adjusts to life on the “outside.”

Steve said, “Our doula made us feel like we could comfort our baby and we’re never having another baby without one!”

To meet with a doula or just learn more, contact Doulas of Baltimore today.

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