Anecdotal evidence shows benefits of placenta encapsulation

Expectant mothers often find themselves anxious about how breastfeeding is going to go with their newborn. Will we know what to do? Will the baby latch well? Will I have enough milk? Women today are looking for more options to insure successful breastfeeding

A growing number of women are choosing to have their placenta encapsulated as an added layer of support and protection during their postpartum recovery and the establishment of their breastfeeding relationship.

Anecdotal information shows us that an increased milk supply is one of the benefits of placenta encapsulation (increased energy and decrease in postpartum mood disorders are two others).

Local mother, Shannon White says, “I chose to have my placenta encapsulated by Doulas of Baltimore after my sister had such a better experience after she had hers done after my second niece was born. I figured, regardless of any “ick factor”, I wanted to do all I could to have a good postpartum.”

Whether the increased milk supply comes from consuming the placenta or if it comes from taking better care of themselves due to their increased energy, area families are relieved to have Doulas of Baltimore’s placenta specialists to turn to.

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When a baby is born, so is a placenta and local moms are engaging the services of a “Placenta Chef” to come to their homes to prepare the placenta for consumption.

When thinking of newborn babies, peace and tranquility are not usually words that come to mind.


There’s a growing trend among new mothers… Consuming their placentas after giving birth to their babies.