Millennial women find benefits in consuming body parts


There’s a growing trend among new mothers… Consuming their placentas after giving birth to their babies.For decades, consuming part or all of the placenta – known as placentophagy – was something left to hippie homebirthers and of course, other mammals.

No longer accepting the status quo of difficult postpartum adjustment periods, millennials are seeking ways to support their transition into parenthood. Skipping the raw and sauteed options, most women are choosing to have their placenta encapsulated by a postpartum placenta specialist. Encapsulation removes the “gross factor” and extends the time a woman can enjoy the benefits, which include increased milk supply, decreased risk of postpartum depression, and increased energy.

Chelsea Perts, a doula and placenta specialist with Doulas of Baltimore says, “Our clients are thrilled to have this option. They enjoy that we come to their home to encapsulate. They know there is no question that this is their placenta. They see the process. And they get our company and support. It’s a win-win-win!”

To learn more or reserve a postpartum placenta specialist for your due date, contact Doulas of Baltimore today!

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