Women want more… labor doulas

Birthing women are no longer settling for whatever birth comes along for them and considering it a satisfactory experience. According to women interviewed, “We want more. We want to play an active role in the births of our children”.

More and more women and their partners are turning to the support of a labor/birth doula for building the birth experience that they desire. Whether they are choosing an epidural assisted birth, an unmedicated birth, or a surgical birth, women want to feel comforted and nurtured as they transition into motherhood.

Those choosing Doulas of Baltimore for assistance and support, enjoy a prenatal meeting where their birth wishes are discussed in their entirety. Additionally, their doula is on call for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the remainder of their pregnancy. Jackie Orlan, a former client said, “Knowing my doula was available for me through my pregnancy was comforting enough but having her come to our house when I was in labor and helping us know exactly when to go the hospital made my husband feel so safe”.

The doula accompanies the couple to the hospital and stays throughout the entire birth process. Offering comfort measures, massage and insight about the best labor positions for each part of the process, makes having a doula from Doulas of Baltimore an invaluable addition to your birth team. According to Sarah Esposito, “when my doula stayed with me until breastfeeding was established, I felt like I won the lottery. She had such a patient approach and completely put me at ease”.

Clients especially appreciate the follow up that Doulas of Baltimore are committed to. Each client receives an in home postpartum visit to discuss their birth, ask questions about newborn care and show off their breastfeeding skills or get some additional assistance.

Orlan later commented, “The money we spent on our doula, is the best money we ever invested in a personal experience that will last a lifetime. We recommend Doulas of Baltimore to anyone we meet with a babybump”.


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