Breastfeeding help in Baltimore is a phone call away

A baby, a breast and a loving mother, what could be difficult about this?

When a woman has a baby and decides to breastfeed she begins to ask questions of others. We asked several pregnant women that planned to breastfeed what their biggest concerns were and there responses were very similar.

Will I have enough milk?
How will I know if my baby is getting enough milk?
How do I know if the latch is right?
Does breastfeeding hurt?
Do I need to hire a lactation consultant?
Who do I call for help in Baltimore with breastfeeding?

According to our sources, breastfeeding can be extremely difficult for the first 3 weeks or so of the baby’s life. After that many moms report feeling like they made it over a difficult hurdle.

“Women require a tremendous amount of support when breastfeeding a newborn and at Doulas of Baltimore we are trained to provide exactly that”, says co-owner, Debbie Aglietti.

If you are looking for help breastfeeding in Baltimore or surrounding cities, contact Doulas of Baltimore today.

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In Baltimore, Maryland, birth is better for many families as they are choosing to utilize the support of the labor and birth doulas from Doulas of Baltimore. (more…)

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