Doulas of Baltimore…Where Knowledge is Power

Since 2002, Doulas of Baltimore’s owner, Emily Pelton, has been a source of support and knowledge for over a thousand new and growing families in the Baltimore area. In 2014, she took her expertise and wealth of information about having and raising children in Baltimore and turned her independent business into a full-service doula agency. DOB specializes in birth & parenting education and supporting postpartum families as well as offering birth support.

Ms. Pelton has cultivated a talented group of professional doulas who now work with families across the metro area. DOB’s clients benefit from the trusted relationships she and her team have developed with local medical providers and other professionals who work with area families over the course of the past 15 years.


“ There is no one right way to

have and raise a baby. Our doulas

can help you find your way.”

– Emily Pelton

Doula News

Regardless of the hour, when Emily Pelton, owner of Doulas of Baltimore, was called to a mom in labor, she was whisked away from her family to help. She now heads a team of doulas

On any given day, of any given year, in Baltimore Maryland a 7 pound baby can bring the most educated, successful adults to their knees.

Modern couples are looking to expand their repertoire of comfort measures and coping techniques to meet the trials of labor.